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John S. Pomeroy, Jr. has a master’s degree in education from University of California, Santa Cruz and is a teacher, community activist, beverage consultant and urban farmer based in Oakland, California. A deep-seeded belief in the importance of a toxin-free agricultural system drives everything he does, and he’s committed to working only with businesses practicing (or moving toward) holistic, sustainable systems. Omnibibulous is the beverage consulting branch on the tree of his other educational projects: Songlines LLC (soon to be unveiled).







Whether you need a staff training or consumer tasting, Omnibibulous is one of the few graduate-level, teaching credentialed beverage consultants in the industry.  A master's in education, focused on curriculum & design, means quality pedagogy.




Omnibibulous provides marketing, PR, and sales support for your brand(s). Get your products in front of the people you want working with them, and in so doing, network with other brands that exemplify the same excellence you do.



Team Building

Few things bring people together like food, wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits. Beverage workshops and competions, distillery tours, and many other activities can be custom-tailored to your company's needs.



Event Planning

Any event, large or small, is more meaningful with great drinks. Visit the cocktails page to see examples of beverages created for past events.  Check out the gallery (coming soon) for images from said events. 


Featured Clients



John was amazing! He brought an incredible array of local, craft, and artisan products. He used them to make unbelievable cocktails, but they were also a real treat to drink straight. Most of us had never had anything like them. We can’t wait to have a repeat performance.
— Dave Powell (Partner, Reed Smith)
My guests were hanging on the edge of their seats. John’s presentation was informative and engaging and he presented ideas that none of us had ever heard of. Biodynamics? Vortexing water? Permaculture? Not topics I expected to learn about when talking about cocktails and spirits. I can’t say enough about how much fun we had while learning.
— Tony Wicks (VP Strategic Account Management for Lash Group)
I love that John is both creative and very hands-on with his work - often you get only one or the other. He puts ideas into motion- and he has a lot of ideas!
— Camper English (Cocktail Writer, Alcademics)